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Albuquerque, NM and Kirtland AFB Documentary and Lifestyle Photographer


Reconnecting on Assateague Island

I was immersed in nature as a child.  I grew up in a house in the woods that has left a significant impact on me.  I believe this is why a walk or run in the woods today has always made me feel better... it's like hitting the reset button for my mental health.  Then as an adult, I lived in Florida for seven years.  As contrasting as this environment was to me, the beaches became my reset button.  Now that I live in Northern Virginia, both crowded leafy canopies and warm sun-soaked sands are not far from my door.

When summer rolled around this year I made plans with my family to reset and reconnect on the beach with them.  We camped out on Assateague Island, known for its wild horses and ability to unplug from the outside world.  We enjoyed every minute of the sounds of the waves crashing, the soft sand beneath our feet, exploring the shores, no agenda, ending our evenings by the fire, and sleeping under the star-filled sky.  

Despite the overdose of sun, sand, and wind, I could have stayed there longer than we did.  If you enjoy reconnecting in the great outdoors to you'll see why....




Heather Ruppel