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Simply Beautiful

Have you ever heard the phrase, "there is beauty in simplicity?"  I often hear these words in my head during a documentary session.  Documentary is frequently about the everyday but it can include special things that we do too.

I believe there is beauty in the everyday.  The story that we live day in and day out, not just out of necessity but because it is comforting and important to us, is beautiful.  For this family, it's the importance of being near one another.  Even when there is work to be done they still enjoy conversation together and the simple comfort of being in the same room.         

Heritsch Doc (9).jpg

Many parents are found preparing food in their kitchens, but this mom is in the kitchen more often than most.  She has researched, prepared, and created meals that most restaurants do not offer and is medically necessary for their son.  He helps where he can, especially if it involves a baked good. 

Some of their recipes have come with rituals which have become a tradition.  Many of us have traditions involving food, even small silly things, because they make us laugh!

Heritsch Doc (42).jpg

Everyone has a talent.  Some are hidden, some we can see, others are heard.  T plays music on the piano by ear!

Dad has the same talent, and sometimes they team up on the keys.  You can hear them outside on the street sometimes if the window is open.  It is awe inspiring to hear.  

Family games sometimes involve technology challenges and problem solving for this crew.  This is their version of hot potato, but that little gadget can do a lot more!

Siblings hang out, siblings bother each other, sometimes they make each other crazy.  They will better remember their shenanigans with these images to remind them.

Reading is a favorite for the kids and book series are treasured.  T loves reading on her bed sometimes, a bed her grandfather made for his daughter and has been passed on to her.  I love hearing stories of how family items came to be.  

Heritsch Doc (64).jpg

Mom is an interior decorator and details are important.  She even pays attention to those that come from the heart.

The kids have worked with dad over the past few years on building a sanctuary of sorts in the backyard made of things they've discovered or have dreamed up.  They bring their friends over sometimes.  It's a favorite spot in the neighborhood to hang out in.

Heritsch Doc (69).jpg

Dad is outside a lot playing with the kids or helping them with something.  In my opinin, adults should play too!  

As simple as this story may look there is so much happening, and it happens every day.  But sometimes what happens everyday changes, so I captured it for them because these things are important to them, and that is simply beautiful.

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