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Acorn Walks

My favorite time of the day lately has been the late afternoon hours when my four-year-old and I walk to the bus stop to greet my nine-year-old after school gets out.

The sun is well on it's way to setting, and there is a plethora of acorns along our well-traveled path that have been dropped by the handful of oak trees that mark the way.

We love to collect the acorns as we walk.  Ones that are still stuck together, ones that have no "caps," as my son calls them, and ones that are beautiful varying shapes or shades of brown.  Sometimes my son cracks them open to inspect them or just to leave an easy meal for a squirrel!

It's been great one on one time for us.  It is has become a ritual for us that I want to preserve and remember.  It has sparked many conversations that I don't want to forget!

What outdoor rituals do you have in the fall?